Over the years we've met lots of lovely people on the Wirral whose lives we've helped improve with yoga and mindfulness techniques.

They've since grown to become good friends of ours at Yoga Health Wirral and you can read their thoughts on what we do on the front page.

We couldn't fit them all in on the front page, though, and we feel very humbled! So below are some more testimonials from people that we have taught yoga and mindfulness to at Yoga Health Wirral.

"I love Sue's Yoga classes and have been practising for over a year now. I am more mindful of my body and enjoy the challenges of improving my suppleness, strength and flexibility. I am hooked!"Clare Booth
"Sue goes the extra mile to ensure all students have a good experience of yoga in a friendly and supportive environment." - Elizabeth Miller
"All I can say is that Sue is a very special person. I attend her classes, have done her mindfulness course and also went on the recent yoga trip. She has a brilliant sense of humour which, combined with her oozing mindfulness, instantly makes people feel at ease. Sue's mindfulness yoga is calming and kind and always finishes with superb relaxation and lovely music. Everybody should have a Sue!"Helen Tweedie

We're very grateful to everybody that has left us such lovely comments, and we hope to get more positive reaction from new people on the Wirral interested in learning about the benefits of yoga and mindfulness.