Spring is upon us and as Mother Nature springs into life we have a greater opportunity to be Mindful. Mindful of flowers in bud, trees beginning to come into leaf, warmer days, lighter evenings and hopefully much sunshine.

In our yoga practice too we can become more deeply aware of how our bodies feel more energised and we feel ready to spring into action. A Mindful approach can help us to be more deeply aware that the body is waking up and that we should cultivate our practice carefully - like the flowers in bud not be in a rush to action the body too deeply or quickly but rather take time to allow the body to open gracefully, staying within our range of motion, listening to the signals from the body not to push too hard too quickly, nurturing the self with kindness, non judgement and compassion.

This will be the theme of classes during April and dropping deeply into the breath and body with curiosity about what is here now, where are we feeling what we are feeling, where is the breath and where are my thoughts?

The Mindful Yoga Day at Number 15 was calming and relaxing and as always fully booked. Thanks you to those who attended for your energy and smiles! Thanks also to Hilary for making, as always, the most delicious vegetarian food for our lunch!

The Italian Job 2 - Yoga holiday in Puglia , Italy - is becoming well booked now and there are now only 3 places left!  Let me know asap if you are interested!

Although spring is the time for new life I am sad to say that my lovely Father in Law passed away recently after suffering from Cancer. He was a most yogic person although he never ever did formal yoga but rather his attitude to life was indeed yogic in that he never judged folk, kept his own counsel and thoughts regarding anything to himself unless asked for advice and stayed always in the present moment and always saw the positive in a negative. I will miss him dearly but am honoured that he was in my life for such a long time in the first place. He was a good soul now at peace.