Namaste Yogis,

Recently in class we’ve been delving deeply and mindfully into the anatomy of the body in yoga asana. Many students are discovering a greater sensitivity to their body musculature, bones and alignment through yoga movement and how they connect to the breath more deeply as a result.

We began with an exploration of the feet as the foundation and main points of contact with the floor – offering stability and support. Working in groups, we then moved onto the legs and the structure of muscles and bones and how these relate and interact. Last week, we explored the structure of the pelvis and how this links to the legs. This week we looked at five movements of the spine and how, through yoga, we can heighten our awareness of sensations and forces as we distribute effort evenly though our spine.

The whole journey is one that allows a deeper insight and investigation into our interaction with gravity; our mobility; the limitations of bone length; ligament restriction; tightness of muscles and tendons; and connection to our centre of being – the abdominals. The objective was to avail ourselves of a deeper sense of balance, mindful connection and an awareness and responsibility to distribute effort and sensation evenly through the body. In short, to know our bodies and understand why we ‘can do’ and be where we are in any given moment and that the journey is ongoing.

In addition, I have arranged a Yoga Retreat Day on Sunday April 10th at Number 15 in Stanley Road, Hoylake. The day will begin at 10.45am with refreshments. At 11.00am we begin with a yoga session that focuses on the spine and its movements – this lasts until 1.00pm. Lunch is then served followed by meditation and gentle yoga practice throughout the afternoon before a relaxing wind-down and finish at 4.00pm. The cost is £35 for the day, plus £12.50 for a delicious homemade lunch – payable on the day. There are still a couple of places left – please see flyer for full details.

The yoga holiday this year will be in Puglia, Italy and will run from Friday 14th October to Friday 21st October 2016. There are some places available so please let me know asap if you are interested.
Also, I’m in the early stages of planning a yoga retreat in Thailand for either in 2017 or 2018 – details to follow soon.

The India retreat will hopefully be in November 2017 and once again will be held at the picturesque Riverside Inn in Muttar, Kerala. Details to follow later but please let me know if you’re interested.

As always, be mindful; be in the present moment as the present moment is the only moment we have – the past has gone, the future has not arrived and now is a gift which is why it is called the present.

Love, light and happiness.