My name is Sue Watson, and this is Yoga Health Wirral.

I'm a qualified teacher with the British Wheel of Yoga, and also a BWY Foundation Course Tutor and trainee Diploma Course Tutor with the BWY. 

I am also a Newly Qualified DCT and run the BWYQ LEVEL 4 Teacher Diploma Course.

For me, Yoga and mindfulness offer simple techniques and practices for connecting the mind to the body. It can help people to cope with the stresses and strains of everyday life, and can totally revitalise the body and mind.

Yoga is for all ages and abilities, providing a calming and soothing influence, and helping to develop and improve powers of concentration and sense of relaxation and well-being. 

Yoga Health Wirral runs weekly Yoga classes throughout the Wirral. As well as teaching gentle Hatha Yoga, I also host regular Mindfulness sessions.

I also host Yoga holidays and retreats across the UK and abroad on a regular basis - a great chance to get away from it all and find yourself in a peaceful environment.

Sign up to the Yoga Health Wirral to find out more about my weekly classes, Yoga retreats, and how yoga can have a powerful, positive effect on your mind and body.

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Sue has been leading Yoga classes on the Wirral for 15 years. She also hosts regular Yoga residential holidays across the UK and abroad. Sign up to find out more about Sue's weekly Yoga classes on the Wirral, her Yoga retreats, and Yoga inspiration.


I am a teacher of Yoga for the past 15 years with the British Wheel of Yoga, and train people to become teachers of yoga with the British Wheel of Yoga via the 3 year Diploma Course.